Welcome to Webiny Community


This is the central forum to discuss Webiny related topics and support the growing community around it. Please read through this topic to get yourself familiarized with how the forum is organised.

Publishing a post

Anyone is welcome to publish a post, but please first ensure the post is relevant to this audience, that it’s placed in the right category and so on.

On the category page you will find descriptions relevant to each category, but here is also a quick summary:

  • Help - ask technical questions and get help from other community members
  • Themes - questions and details regarding building your own custom themes and templates
  • Ideas - have an idea about what we should build next, share it with us
  • Show & Tell - get feedback from community on your work
  • Feedback & Discussions - in case you have certain topics you would like to debate with others

For everything else, there is the other category.

Getting help

We understand that in most cases people join community forums to get help and assistance. Please note that we don’t have a full-time staff from Webiny attending this forum and answering topics all the time.

In case you require immediate assistance, the best option is to have a paid account on webiny.com which comes with email and chat support, and at the same time is a great way to provide a sustainable support to the Webiny open source project.

We hope you enjoy your time with us here. Please be nice, try to give back to the community, and let’s make this a great place for everyone.