Using components from other libraries

Can we use components from libraries like kendo, prime etc for building a page in webiny. if we can how?
Also can you please explain how to use components from storybook in your docs.

Hi @PraveenSaga,

it depends on what you mean by building a page. If you want to code a site manually using Kendo, you would do it like any other React app: import your library/components and use them.

If you mean building a site using Page Builder, then you would need to create plugins for Page Builder and integrate those 3rd party libraries that way (for PB plugins we have an article coming up soon and we’ll let you know when it’s published).

Regarding the Storybook components - you use those in React. Those components are meant to be used primarily in the Admin app, here’s an example of how we use them:


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Thanks @pavel please inform me when article with PB plugins is published.

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Hi @pavel, I understand you guys are busy with many things but can you please give me the rough timeline when this article will be published, so that we can plan accordingly.

@PraveenSaga Should be available on Friday :slight_smile:

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