Upgrading My Webiny Project


I’m wondering what the best way to update a webiny project is? Let’s say I created a project prior to the forms functionality being released and now I would like to update my project (api, admin, etc) to support forms. Or, let’s say the headless cms functionality is released, what’s the process to get that functionality into my pre-existing project?


Hi @ruck,

In case of updating project components I’m running yarn update in the root of the project directory and then I’m deploying api and apps. I was doing it once or twice and so far my service works with no problems. I was trying to use npm update but it throws "Maximum call stack size exceeded” (as far as I see it’s a known npm’s bug).

webiny/cli is updateable via npm -g update @webiny/cli as, according to the webiny documentation, it should be installed as a global package.


Hi @ruck, good question and sorry for late reply. We’re still not 100% sure about the best way to do the upgrade, as it is not just yarn upgrade. We often introduce new packages/plugins that need to be added to the app (both react, and api), so it’s hard to make automated upgrades without the risk of messing everything up.

Until we figure out a better way to do it - we’ll have instructions on adding each particular app in our docs.

Right now we’re overwhelmed with our next release (coming this week), and then we’ll add an article on installing the Form Builder to our docs; I’ll let you know when it’s ready.