Thumbnail/Images not showing up

I just stood up Webiny for the first time today. On the Page Builder, when I try to add a block, all of the blocks preview images don’t show up.

I think this might be a bug but before I post on Github issues I thought I would post here in case I was doing something wrong.

If this isn’t a bug, any ideas on how to fix this?


Hi @natsbat4ws! These images are installed when you run the admin app for the first time, you must have seen the install wizard. Now, could you inspect the element, or check the Network tab in your Developer Tools, and check what URLs are being requested?

This is not a known bug. We do set up quite a few systems each day so we would have noticed it. I wonder what went wrong during your setup :thinking:

Anyhow, please do send us an example of a URL being made for the images, and we’ll see what we can do.


Hi @pavel, thanks for the response. When I inspect the page and look at the imgs for the block previews there is no src.

I am also having other problems too. For instance if I try to add a YouTube video the page breaks, I get the React JavaScript error development page.

I followed the installation steps and the Quick Start exactly so not sure what could have gone wrong, I will try to create a new project and see if it happens again.

I tried again and same thing happened.

Ok, we’ll test it on our side and let you know how things go. You said your image don’t have src, so we’ll see what could be the reason for that.

@natsbat4ws we tested this on 2 different accounts, and we couldn’t reproduce it :frowning: Really got no idea what could be the reason :thinking: