Support for DBs other than MongoDB?



I just stumbled on Webiny, and I very much like what I have seen so far.

The only thing, that I don’t like is the dependency on MongoDB, because we don’t use it, and I don’t really want to add it to our technology stack.

We are running PostgreSQL, and are considering YugaByteDB, a distributed database, that has Cassandra like and SQL interfaces. I already found out about Commodo (, your storage abstraction layer. Would you consider accepting contributions for different databases, e.g. PostgreSQL or YugaByteDB?

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@kisg absolutely! Webiny is all about building a community and developing new things together to make our lives easier :slight_smile: We’d love to see another database adapter for Commodo. The thing is, since we are running each service independently, each service can use a different database. So our existing apps are written using MongoDB, but your new services can use whatever DB you want.

Also, most of our apps can use a different Commodo storage adapter. Only the PageBuilder and soon-to-be-released Forms app use some Mongo-specific functionality, so that’s not so easy to abstract away at this point. But all the other services can be switched to a different storage adapter if you create one.

If you’d have a go at creating an adapter for PostgreSQL, open up an issue on Github and we will be able to assist you with that.