Sass service using webiny

Using webinyjs is it possible to build saas service ?

Hey @santosh_rd, yes definitely! Of course, it would involve custom coding, and also saas is a very broad term. Webiny is not a multi-tentant system out of the box. That’s something you’d have to develop on top of Webiny. But overall, anything is possible.

Thanks @pavel for response
We are planning build MVP product.
is possible to handle these things

  1. User can register/login to the service.
  2. user can upload the content data/media files
  3. user can give access to other people to manage the content
    is it possible to handle from client end ?

@santosh_rd I’d suggest you install Webiny yourself, and click through the admin app to see what Webiny is capable of. That way you’ll see exactly what you can or can not do.

Today we’re launching our next big release, so it’ best to actually try it and see it yourself :slight_smile:

sure thanks @pavel :slight_smile:

is that new framework release ?

@santosh_rd officially launched today :slight_smile:

See our doc to get started:

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