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I just came across Webiny and I’m pretty excited about this project and hoping it will work for a client of mine. I’m having some trouble getting started however. I realize the documentation is still in progress, and appreciate the level of work so far. Here are some issues at the moment:

  1. The slack link is not working at the moment: going to: redirects to the Slack channel but gives a Slack error: “This link is no longer active”. I would have posted my questions there, but since it doesn’t work…

  2. I didn’t see anywhere in the docs where to access the Graphql Playground, only that it was a feature. For example here: After digging around on other people’s questions, it looked like I needed to run this through the created CloudFront domain and not my local instance on 3001. Using the domain in AWS I was able to get to it correctly. Displaying the AWS CloudFront domain in the output of the yarn start would have been great also.

  3. If doesn’t look like from the schema that we can create Content using the models at the moment, is this correct? Is there no way to import data into the CMS at the moment either one at a time or bulk? There does seem to create/delete mutations for files and pages, just not for CMS content. I suppose this can be done as a plugin, is that the only route?

Thanks again on this project, very promising to say the least.

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Hi @darcy, welcome to Webiny :slight_smile:

  1. Thanks for pointing this out, here is a new link to join us in Slack - we will update the slack link asap.

  2. Regarding your concern on accessing the GraphQL playground, did you follow up on the quick start steps? Did you deploy the project?

  3. Please head over our slack community and let us know if you have other issues :upside_down_face:

Thank you very much for choosing Webiny to build your projects :tada:

Hi @Albiona_Hoti -

Thanks, Slack link works now.

I do have everything running fine on my project.

I found the “cms/production/manage” endpoint referenced in a Github issue, so that answered my other question.

Thanks again!

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