Is Multi Tenant Code Open as Well?


Hi: Finally, somebody has addressed serverless and multitenancy! It’s a topic nobody seems to talk about. Great effort here guys. Did you open source all the multi-tenant stuff you built for AWS? Just stumbled across everything so excuse the question if it’s already obvious. Cheers, Dave


Hi Dave :slight_smile:

there is a slight change of focus to our business, we are moving away from the managed serverless offering, and are going 100% open-source and self-hosted. And thus we will be dropping the multi-tenant feature. More about that in our newsletter in the upcoming weeks (make sure to subscribe).

The multi-tenant code is unfortunately not open-sourced at this moment, the internal processes and setup are highly tied to our internal requirements and as such, it wouldn’t work for anyone else. To open-source this part, we would need to invest a lot of effort to make it a bit more agnostic so others can use it, but this is not something that’s on our roadmap at the moment. Sorry :confused: