How to reset a form after submit

Hey, I have created a form using form builder. Currently after submit the form disappears and shows a message Thanks. I just need to change that so the form stays and resets its values.

Hey, I’m taking a look and going to confirm this error. If you could take a screenshot of what happens after you submit the form, that will definitely help!

So you can change the Form Submission by changing the trigger function. Click on the edit icon and you can see a specific set of Triggers here:

You can develop your own form trigger plugin if you want to handle the form submission differently.

@PraveenSaga you can follow this guide to figure out where to render the new form activity . Let me know if this helps

Hi @EmilK15, I have gone through the form submission triggers and form-builder layout docs. Currently I can stop the default behavior of hiding the form but can’t achieve form reset i.e. after submit I want to get rid of those values without any validation messages or anything so that I can show the form in its initial state. Can you please help me with that.