Form email results

How can I simply email the results of a form on submit?

Hi @Lynn_Hardy, for that you’d need 2 plugins that would implement that specific “trigger”. 1 plugin would be for the UI, the other one to process form submission and send the actual email.

I’m adding that to our docs issues and we’ll try to add a tutorial for that to our docs. Btw. have you upgraded to the Webiny v4 or are you using the previous version of Webiny? We strongly recommend upgrading to v4 as it will greatly simplify any custom development; our latest version really puts some sense in the overall project organization, code structure, etc., and our docs are based on that particular version.

Hey Pavel, do you have plugin code that you could share with me so I could repurpose for our form? We just need to send email.

Hi @Lynn_Hardy. Here’s a reference to our webhook trigger:


Admin app:

Let us know if you need more information. And you can join our community Slack for much faster communication: