Export/Import items (pages, blocs, ...)

Hi there,

We were looking at how documents are stored inside the database and it seems out of the box it is not possible to export and import Pages or PB Blocs between websites.

What do you think of such a feature ?

Just out of our brains it doesn’t seem very complicated as only the “content” property of a PbPage document would be needed.
The limitations I see at the moment would be pictures if there is any + IDs of elements inside the “content”.

Regarding PbPageElement I didn’t find any IDs inside a document but only reference to an image src if there is one (+ file ID).

Thanks in advance!

Could you clarify a little bit what’s the use-case you have?

Page/Block content contains links to images in form of an ID, ID’s of forms (if using FormBuilder), etc. So I don’t think it will be an easy thing to do as you’ll have to also “copy” those referenced images, forms, etc.

Please post a little bit more details, and we may think of something to help you out.

Sure, we would like to export a page from MyWebsite1 and import this page in MyWebsite2 as it is.

Regarding Blocks, we thought of creating all of them inside MyWebsite1 for example, and being able to reuse them if necessary in MyWebsite2, MyWebsite3 and so on.

At the moment we don’t mind losing images / forms as it is more the structure and texts of different blocs we would like to be able to replicate.

Hoping it’s clear enough,
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Cool. It’s a nice feature to have, sure. Let me sleep on this and talk to the team, to see what’s the best way to do it, and I’ll get back to you to discuss.

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