Error on install Page Builder



Excellent stack and application. Thanks !.

I am a new user of webiny, I want to install webiny and am familiar with Deploy API process webiny docs, but I have problems when I want to install page builder. and it says “Installation step 1 not available or already executed”.
can anyone help me with the problem, Thanks


Hi @andry, thank you for you question, and sorry for late answer.

Can you please try the following, try to remove the item in Setting collection, just to see if it work then (this should restart the the page builder installation wizard when you enter admin again).

Let me know when you get a chance, I believe we will have to improve this, or in other words, if a step was executed, just continue, and don’t stop the install process.

Thank you!


hello @Adrian_Smijulj, Thanks for your solutions brother, its working and helpfull

Thankyou !


I’m glad it worked @andry

I’ll create a separate GH issue, so that the problem you’ve experienced, doesn’t happen again.

Thanks again!