Deploying An Individual Component

In the development principles doc it mentions that the cli can be used to deploy an individual component like page builder. However I cant find any docs on scoping down deployments in the cli outside of deploy-apps and deploy-api. I took a look at the github repo to see if I was missing something undocumented but it doesn’t look like there is anything else there for the deploy command (or I missed it :dizzy_face:)

I was hoping for some more info on how I could deploy just page-builder since I’m trying to work on writing my own theme plugin now extending the page builder theme. The doc I linked cites 20s, but running deploy-apps takes me 270s now which is pretty painful…

Hi @mdm373! To deploy a single component you can do webiny deploy-api --alias pageBuilder --alias security, etc. So --alias is an option to tell CLI exactly what to deploy.

Actually, I think you can find it in the webiny help, but I agree it should be in the docs as well. We’re soon releasing a big upgrade and this functionality will change slightly, so we’ll make sure to include it in the docs.

Let me know if you need more help.

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Thanks for the help! Looks like I was actually confused by “component” here. I was trying to make changes to the apps not the api. But I’ll keep that info in mind for when I do finally make my way down to the API layer.

Seems like I should just start the site/admin apps locally with yarn start and iterate that way :man_facepalming:. I was so hung up on deploying to AWS to test I forgot all about that option

Oh, yes, React is still completely local, you only need to deploy your API so your local React app has an API to talk to. Glad you figured it out! :rocket: