CredentialsError: Missing credentials in config


I get this when I try to deploy (Error: Missing credentials in config)

Any one can tell me witch command to run to configure my AWS credential.
I did wached the video that was recomended but it did not help me. I run the same command and it did not work.


@Flexo “Missing credentials” means your AWS credentials are not configured. It’s actually an error from AWS SDK. Make sure your credentials work by running “aws sts get-caller-identity”. All the details are in our docs in the quick start section.

If you still have problems with this, let me know. And you can also join our Gitter for faster communication :slight_smile:


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Hello Pavel, thank you for help. I run (aws sts get-caller-identity)
and I get (-bash: aws: command not found) i have deleted my aws user 3 times and tried agin with new credentials, but still the same issue!?
I stared to install and try webiny for 4 weeks ago and still havent tryed out yet :smiley:

I will join gitter, agin thank you help.


aws: command not found means you don’t even have AWS CLI on your machine. So begin with installing the CLI: Once you have that, you can validate your credentials using aws sts get-caller-identity.


Hi, now I have set up aws cli and run the command line (aws sts get-caller-identity)
it sendes back information such as id.