Can't seem to install Webiny - An error occurred during deployment of cognito


Can’t seem to install webiny-js. using MacOS Mojave 10.14.6
using webiny --version: 2.5.2
I’ve provided AWS dev profile in .env.json file.
Here is my stack trace:
webiny deploy-api --debug

This is the first deploy of local environment, so it may take a few minutes.
Here’s :cookie: to make the time pass faster :slight_smile:
:bulb: Loaded local environment from /Users/user/src/test-serverless/frontend/…
:bulb: Loaded local environment from /Users/user/src/test-serverless/frontend/…

webiny Collecting components from the template. +0ms
webiny Executing the template’s components graph. +9ms
webiny:cognito Creating new user pool. +0ms

**An error occurred during deployment of cognito

TypeError: this.context.instance.getResourceName is not a function**
How can I debug / check where the issue might be? Also how can I specify the AWS profile I want to deploy this to?




Hi Konrad!

  1. the error itself is related to the new CLI; please upgrade to the latest @webiny/cli and create a new project, as the project structure has changed (thus the major version change).

  2. You can specify which AWS profile to use in the .env.json file in the root of your project.

Let us know if you need some help. Cheers!