Can we use default page builder elements in custom page builder elements

Can we use default page builder text and image elements as a part of our custom page builder element so that I can edit my custom plugin content in page builder in similar manner as how we edit them. if we can how?

@PraveenSaga could you provide more details on what your custom element should look like, or how it works?

@pavel its just a tab section which consists of description paragraph and an image side by side in each tab.I want to render the tab content using default text and image elements so that I can change them in page builder itself instead of doing it programmatically.

@PraveenSaga interesting use case. It should be possible, but it’s hard to explain in a straightforward way. I’d need to create a demo for you. Can you send me the code you currently have, that element with Tabs? And then maybe I can put together an example for you during the week.

where can I share that @pavel

@PraveenSaga you can send it to me directly via Community Slack, using direct message. Or to my email: pavel at

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