BUG: Text block not updating

I’ve tried changing the text in the first block no less than 20 times. Not being able to save changes to text blocks happens frequently. What’s the trick to fix this problem?

ex: https://d3pn840wrdg135.cloudfront.net/stores/ls-equipment

I can confirm, I’ve hit the same problem, usually think its when the text edit is the final update or the edited text box still has focus when I navigate out. I’ve gotten around it by making another edit before I back out of the editor but it is pretty annoying.

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@mdm373 thanks for including the usage details, it makes sense and here’s why:

When you’re typing in a text, that Text element is maintaining its own internal state. When you click outside of the text element, the onBlur event triggers the whole Page Editor state update, and in turn issues an API call to save the data. You can see the save status in the left toolbar, at the bottom (icon changes to an “upload” during save).

If you’re too fast, and navigate away too fast after the onBlur event, there’s a high possibility that you may lose those changes. Same goes for clicking Back while your text editor is still focused.

I’m glad we finally have somewhere to start with this issue. Until this is fixed in a more robust way, @Lynn_Hardy and @mdm373 simply try to consciously click outside of the text editor so the save is triggered, before navigating away from the editor.

Thanks for the report! :rocket: