BUG: Page Listing and then Page Delete

I tried using the List of Pages. It works if I don’t adjust settings. I have about 5 scenarios where this list would be ideal. But, there is a bug that I can’t figure out how to work around.

  1. Create new page
  2. Add block
  3. Add list of pages widget
  4. Settings: list title, ascending order, enter the tag (the pages are tagged)
  5. Upon saving or even going back and leaving as draft, the screen goes blank. I can’t get back to the page … at all.

Part 2 of this Bug. I can’t delete pages. In this case, if I try to access the page to delete it, my screen goes completely white. I have to manipulate the URL to get back to the editor

Thanks again for a detailed report @Lynn_Hardy.

Let me see if I can reproduce this.

Managed to reproduce this as well.

Will let you know once the fix has been released.

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Just a short update @Lynn_Hardy, we will release a fix for this tomorrow. Will let you know about the upgrade instructions as well.

Hi @Lynn_Hardy, just wanted to let you know this has been fixed.

You can do the upgrade by running the yarn upgrade --scope @webiny in the root of your project, and redeploying both API (webiny deploy-api …) and apps (webiny deploy-apps …).

Let me know if you’ll need any help.

We implemented the changes in Dev and the original issue persists. Are you able to see the issue?

Hi Lynn,

just deployed a brand new instance, both fixes are working as expected.

Can you check the versions of the following packages: @webiny/app-page-builder and @webiny/api-page-builder? They should be at least 3.3.0 and 3.1.4, respectively.

Thank you!

The page-list appears to be working now. Thank you!

Great @Lynn_Hardy ! :tada: