Bug: Can't Link

When I’m in the WYSIWYG editor, I’ll highlight text, select the link icon, type or paste the URL in the link settings, then I’ll either Publish or Go back (I’ve used both methods) and the link won’t save. It disappears. This is a big blocker.

Hi Lynn,

thanks for the report. I’m going to take a look and let you know the results.

Talk to you soon!

Hi @Lynn_Hardy, just wanted to let you know I’ve managed to reproduce your bug, and that I’ll start implementing the fix.

Will notify you as soon as the fix is available.

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Hi @Lynn_Hardy, just wanted to let you know this has been fixed.

You can do the upgrade by running the yarn upgrade --scope @webiny in the root of your project, and redeploying your apps (webiny deploy-apps …).

Let me know if you’ll need any help.

We implemented the changes in Dev and the original issue persists.

This issue is resolved. Thank you for your help.

Great @Lynn_Hardy ! :partying_face: