Bring Back Webiny Hosted


I’m very sad to see that Webiny is no longer offering a hosted version. I’ve been following Webiny ever since it was launched on Product Hunt and would check in on the features from time to time. The features are really good except for the website load speeds.

Could we get a hosted version again? I can’t setup my own version of Webiny easily and a lot of people would have difficulty as well.

Would love to be able to try Webiny again!


Hi @ray

I was a big decision for us to make to remove the hosted version. But since we are still a small team, we had a choice to make to either focus on developing Webiny and making it better and faster, or we could use those same resources and keep developing and evolving our serverless cloud that was powering the hosted Webiny version.

Managing both unfortunately wasn’t an option as the team and resources were stretched too thinly and it would have been a big challenge for us to provide a quality service, and we didn’t want to settle by providing a mediocre one.

The hosted version might come back at a later stage once we scale enough to manage such a service.

For now the resources we have are focused towards improving Webiny and making it the best open-source serverless CMS out there. The page load times with the next release will improve dramatically, going down to millisecond time. Additionally new features like the Form Builder and Headless CMS are coming soon.

I hope this gives you a better understanding about why we had to make such a shift.



Thanks @Sven for taking the time to answer my question!

I understand that providing a hosted solution right now isn’t doable due to your focus on improving the product. That’s a good call because the hosted version I used was a bit too slow for production usage. Looking forward to the next release with much improved page load speeds!

For the time being, would it be feasible for you to host a demo version of Webiny’s apps? That way, people who are looking for such solutions but not as technologically capable or short on time can see all that Webiny offers. I’d be able to follow along too :smile:


Hi @ray,

having a demo is a great suggestion and something I had at the back of my mind. We’ll probably do something in regards to that at one point. Can’t say exactly when at the moment. Stay tuned :wink: