AWS Configuration


in the current documentation I am missing the AWS configuration… result is that I am getting an error in the browser that the API in which configuration file should the user / key / secret be entered?

When I am calling “webiny deploy-api” the only thing that happens is that webiny.js is opened in Visual Studio… and when I “yarn start” the admin application it compiles successfully, but I receive a browser error “Your API seems to be unavailable! Make sure your API is available at”

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  1. You have to create and configure your AWS account separately before deployment, see video link: Configure AWS account then the deployment will use the default configured aws account credentials (you do not need to put credentials into any config file)

  2. webiny.js is opened instead of webiny CLI because your system configured that the .js extension is opened by VS Code (I had the same issue. The solution is that you should run webiny CLI by typing out the extension like this “webiny.cmd deploy-api” (I am on windows I do not know if the extension of webiny CLI is the same on MAC or not)

Hope it helps