Are pages built in page builder "Headless"?

Looking at extending Webiny. Couple questions - if anyone has answers. Please mind the Webiny noob questions…

  1. Can I access pages built in page builder through the same way as “Headless CMS” groups?
    ie : API to return page builder data

  2. Does Wenbiny export raw html/css?

Please let me know.

Hey @shopistry,

regarding your questions:

  1. The page builder pages can be accessed via the GraphQL API, similar to how you retrieve the pages from the Headless CMS. The returned content is not HTML/CSS but a JSON object. To render this content within a 3rd party site, we’ve prepared a sample repo for this here:
  2. No it doesn’t. The content returned is JSON which you then need to “render”. The approach from point #1 shows you how to do that. The other option is to use the included “site” app, which handles the routing, rendering and other performance optimisations for you out of the box.

Hope this helps.

Hey Sven,

Yes, this defiantly helps! Thanks for your super quick reply!