Admin Site: Locale Specific Permissions


Right now when creating a security role I can choose the ‘i18n:locale:crud’ to allow CRUD operations on all locales. Is it possible to only allow CRUD operations on a specific locale?

Example: A role that allows you to do CRUD operations on only en-US localised content.



Hi @tofijak,

thanks for the question, it’s really an interesting one.

Currently we don’t support this, and unfortunately, it’s not something that’s high on our priority list. At the moment, you can only have scope-based authorization (for example, like you mentioned, i18n:locale:crud).

That being said, we are always open for collaboration, so if that’s something that’s critical for you, you can always open an issue on our GitHub, and try to implement the feature by yourself. We would, of course, offer our guidance along the way.

If you have any additional questions, let us know!