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You guys have done a great job with the product. It is missing some key features that other CMS products has.

  1. Contact Us form. I know this can be achieved using TypeForm. This is not a good option. It locks the users into third party systems.
  2. Location based page. Where the Address of the office is displayed using the APIs.

I think you should revisit your documentation. It is not very clear where and when to create the custom objects. Developers have to figure out by doing the reverse engineering of the code. Code doesn’t work consistently for content update if running locally.


Hi @jsdcosta,

for the contact forms, we have a major update coming soon featuring a form builder component. You will have the option to build any type of form you need using a drag and drop interface. The component will be released within the next two weeks.

As for the location-based page, we don’t have a feature for that, but you can build one easily following our documentation on https://docs.webiny.com. In case you run into any problems, we’re happy to assist.

Regarding the documentation, if you could provide any concrete feedback, that would help us improve the content for all other developers that follow.


Hi @jsdcosta, what exactly do you mean by that? If you’re referring to react-hot-loader not updating everything smoothly each time - that is expected because react-hot-loader is an official hack and it is not included in the official create-react-app setup for that very reason. Hot updates may or may not work depending on what is being reloaded (components, styles, plugins, etc.), so if you see something was not updated, simply refresh the page, it’s not that big of a deal.

The project is open-source so we are happy with all types of contributions. Feel free to open issues on Github. Cheers! :beers: