Able to create an App like Product Hunt?



Excellent stack and application. Thanks !.

Wondering, if i will be able to create a web application similar to Product Hunt?
Basically, UserTypes Guests, Registered, and Admin,
With Registerd users to create new entry and able to comment on.

Apologies, if its already documented… Im still going through the doc.



Hi MJ,

thanks for the feedback.

On a high level creating a Product Hunt clone shouldn’t be a big problem. One thing that you would need to sort out is the user registration process. With today’s release Webiny uses a Cognito User Pool to manage users, so you would need to create a registration process for your users and connect them with Cognito, or alternatively create your own custom auth plugin.

We released a new website today and are updating our documentation portal. In the upcoming weeks we will be adding several tutorials around app creation. Subscribe to our newsletter as we will be posting updates there on when they become available.



Thanks @Sven.

Im assuming with FormBuilder will be able to tryout building some application like Product Hunt.

Shall checkout the Cognito documentation for the registration process handing.
Look forward for the tutorials. :+1: